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Engineering Inspections are important functions that can be carried out satisfactorily only by trusted and experienced engineers/inspectors whose integrity and competence are beyond doubt. At TRAIBCERT, our Third Party Inspection team represents interest of client throughout the project and our service ensures right & cost effective solutions for the project requirements. With a pool of highly experienced AWS/CSWIP/NACE /BGAS certified inspectors carry out the QA QC inspection and Plant inspectors qualified with API 510/570/653 perform the API inspection to ensure compliance with the project specificationswith excellent customer satisfactionfor our esteemed clients. Our inspectors interact with vendors to identify critical stages of manufacture & inspection and its methodology to ensure quality output prior to commencement of work is sought, Our people are different as they are exert professionals with outstanding amount of experience who are trained to identify risks and poor quality, not to just follow a checklists. Our inspection leads and coordinators fully engage in the best possible ways to ensure the upfront project documentation is in place which typically:

We TRAIBCERT, being an independent accredited third party inspection and certifying body, provide you with an extensive network of technical expertise relating to your product and your quality systems, from factory audits to inspection and testing equipment and any specific techniques that may be needed to ensure that you meet your product’s compliance.

When it comes to industrial third party inspection, we at TRAIBCERT provide a number of services for our clients to reduce the risk to your equipment which include:

Pre-Shipment Inspection

A Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) or import supervision is a detailed inspection of equipment or materials when the order is 80% completed, packed and ready to shipwhere, a control sample is selected and inspected to determine its compliance with the requirements of the desired product.The inspection takes place either at the manufacturer’s facility or a shipping agent’s premises or warehouse, immediately prior to the final shipment to the destination country. This service complements Production Oversight by physically inspecting finished product for overt defects by experienced Quality Engineers deployed in the factory to inspect samples of finished product and is often used to release individual batches of product for shipment.

TRAIBCERT’s Pre-shipment inspection services are designed in such a way that it protects the interests of buyers in their international purchasing program which is an essential part of an international transaction where documented proof, with respect to quality, quantity, export market price, consistency, laboratory testing and analysis, import eligibility and customs valueare required by the payment terms.A typical pre-shipment inspection by TRAIBCERT undergoes certain stages of assessments such as:

The main objective of TRAIBCERT’s inspection process is to assist clients and governments to assure their import revenues and minimize the risk of counterfeit or illegal imports. Whether at client side or at your own yard, we will be able to perform a pre shipment inspection on your equipment, and that of your subcontractor, before it is send out offshore.

Pre-Production Inspection

The Pre-Shipment Inspection is the most effective type of inspection which will ensure your specifications are understood by the factory to prevent any potential flaws in the production resources, materials, schedules, management and confirm the quality level of the whole shipment. The objective of Production Inspection is to avoid bad surprise after the mass production starts, in which case it would involve extra cost, delay and loss of your client's trust.

TRAIBCERT’s inspection team performs a visual inspection of products as available at the beginning of the production cycle against a client's instructions and Purchase Order specifications. The "Initial Production Check" when combined with a "Final Random Inspection" and any other on-line production checks, helps in taking corrective actions at an early stage of production cycle.Through Pre-production inspection we TRAIBCERT recommend our clients as :

To get a clear idea of the production schedule and predict any possible problems that could affect the quality of goods, TRAIBCERT’s PPI will set up a preliminary production test to match the golden sample. The PPI thus permits timely corrections and improvement before the mass production is initiated; any nonconformity is immediately reported to avoid delay in shipment.

During Production Inspection

The During Production Inspection is a process which is performed during goods production to detect problems at an early stage of production, thus allowing more time for overhaul and repair. When around 20% of production is complete, we at TRAIBCERT take a deep dive into your production, processes, capacity, and goods and then make critical decisions at an early stage, and avoid potentially catastrophic surprises later in the production cycle and helps to monitor the production process on schedule.During this inspection, our expert inspectors scrutinize the production batch and those products in the line for possible defects to identify deviations, if any, and offer advice on the corrective action plan to implement in order to ensure a uniform batch of product with good quality.

During this inspection we check for:

Although product quality can be verified after shipment, the focus of our quality assurance work is typically in the factory where the product is built. Overt or latent defects may not be visible or easily inspected out of product that has already left the factory. Verifying product in the factory also means the product is still under the manufacturers’ ownership and the buyer can more easily resolve quality issues quickly and effectively.

Production Monitoring

For the manufacturing of challenging or sensitive orders, Production monitoring is carried out where an inspector monitors your production on the manufacturing site and report daily to identify and fix problems in real-time.The reason for carrying out such an inspection process is that, some importers need to follow up with their production day by day at their manufacturers premises in order to ensure the right process and recommendations are applied. The major need for production monitoring is to:

TRAIBCERT’s inspection services uses the internationally recognized statistical sampling procedure, a criteria which covers the functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimensionkeeps your product consistent and to your specifications.

Container Loading Check

Container Load Check is the final step in the manufacturing process to ensure the final details of your product are correct and actual ordered quantity are securely loaded onto your container before signing off and settling final payment. It is a quality inspection process that is performed before shipment to verify that the type of product and packaging details are according to your requirements. The aim of such an inspection process is that:

  • You will be in a position to know as to what is exactly being loaded into your container.
  • You will also be in a position to ascertain as to what the exact quantity is.
  • It will also be possible for you to be sure that the factory is not going to replace your goods.

During the container loader supervision, inspectors from TRAIBCERT monitor the quantity, packing list, container conditions, process of loading and packing of your productsand ensure the correct handling of the cargo. We specifically check for:

During a Container Loading Check, expert inspector higher from TRAIBCERT will select boxes at random to confirm each carton bears the quantity of product ordered, the quality matches the specifications and/or approved sample provided by you, and that all packaging material contains the correct barcodes, labeling, and packing materials. The entire container loading process is strictly supervised; ensuring all products paid for makes it on the truck and reduces risk of damage during shipment which is carried out in the manufacturer’s warehouse or at the forwarder’s premise.

Factory Audit

A Factory Audit is a process which includes the important elements, such as quality system procedures, production capacity, staff facilities, that provides assurance of a company’s compliance with market and regulatory requirements. Performing a Factory Audit is a cost-effective, time-efficient way to compile a complete profile of your supplier, so that you know if they're reliable – before you give them your business. In most cases, factory auditis used as a tool to strengthen your business, provide you validated information that you need to make informed business decisions on everything from product quality to business security.

The Factory assessment by TRAIBCERT is performed by our Auditor following a general framework designed after SA 8000 standard and completed, when requested, with the client's specific requirements.TRAIBCERT’s Factory Audit ensures:

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