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The digital transformation in business is progressing at an unstoppable pace and relies on the existence of technological solutions that are able to facilitate this leap.As new security challenges arise in the age of such a Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT), the need to trust increasingly connected systems combined with a growing shortage of cybersecurity skills is highly essential for companies to better serve their customers. Therefore a clearly defined guideline has to be laid down by the regulating bodies which cover a wide range of electronic services, including electronic signatures, electronic time stamps and website authentication. By doing so, organizations will be able to meet the evolving needs around cloud applications and mobile devices by allowing secure access to online resources and protecting the digital interactions of employees, partners, and customers with market-leading strong authentication and digital signing products.

To achieve this goal, industry regulations like eIDAS (electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services) has framed a series of laws that are aimed to break down digital barriers and establish the necessary legal bases for electronic transactions in a secure and reliable way. Trust service is an electronic service that is usually provided in exchange for remuneration, and consists of:

  • The creation, verification and validation of electronic signatures, electronic seals or electronic time stamps, electronic registered delivery services and certificates related to those services; or
  • the creation, verification and validation of certificates for website authentication; or
  • the preservation of electronic signatures, seals or certificates related to those services.”

The objective of this is to offer trusted identity and secure transaction technologies in a reliable and secure manner that enable consumers, citizens and employees who increasingly expect anywhere-anytime experiences which ranges from physical world of financial cards for making purchases, passports and ID cards to cross borders, access e-gov services, logging onto corporate networks and all the way to the digital realm of authentication, certificates and secure communications.

At TRAIBCERT, a qualified trust service provider, we emphasis on information security in such a way that enables us to offer the highest quality services in this specific area, which helps our clients to keep their data secure and available with appropriate controls. Our service portfolio in this sector includes:

TRAIBCERT’s solutions towards security management, physical security, and technical information securityare designed to streamline deployment in complex environments, reduce administration overheads, offers solid foundation towards building public confidence in the security of digital transactions, to encourage more people to use electronic signatures and to demonstrate individuals and businesses their advantage over handwritten signatures.

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