Information Management

Personal data is raising rapidly up the strategic agenda of many companies. Consumer facing brands are recognising the possibilities of engaging their customers in a more intimate information based relationship which offers far more than insight and inference based on legacy business intelligence models.In such an ever developing world of IT you face the challenge of controlling information in a secure and safe way whilst making it easily accessible ensuring business continuity of your organisation with secure data management and back-up systems. IMS (Information Management System) is a database and transaction management system where the data is organized/arranged into a hierarchy so that its integrity is ensured, and the storage and retrieval process is optimized.An organisation's effective IMS involves, storage, digitisation, data back-up, instant access and secure destruction of data through the implementation of security standards and careful vetting of staff ensuring that the information is always secure with its owner.

Traibcert’s Information Management Solutions

TRAIBCERT’s enterprise-wide holistic approach enables improved decision making, regulatory compliance, financial management, and customer service at the very best. We offer comprehensive records management, data protection and information destruction systems which have been developed to smooth out your organisation's operational processes while improving your overall activity planning and communication. Our information management system offers an integrated perspective which oversees all the diverse information assets necessary to plan and run an organization at a very effective and efficient manner. We support our clients to establish a reliable and effective business decision making framework by extracting data from voluminous and disparate sources that can leverage technology, policy, process and training to help reduce the risk, burden and costs related to the lack of information management framework. We can help your organization to:

  • Operationalize records and strategies to take control of information assets.
  • Improve business processes, optimize technology, gain access efficiencies.
  • Meet legal and regulatory recordkeeping compliance obligations.
  • Minimize the total cost of ownership and risks in a holistic manner that reinforces the need for measurable value.
  • Measure, Baseline and benchmark the business performance.
  • Monitor and control business performance on a real-time basis.
  • Discover knowledge and accurately predict certain outcomes.
  • Discovery readiness services.
  • Build a foundation to foster a compliance culture.
  • Train your staff on new and emerging compliance risk.
  • Information risk management.

At TRAIBCERT we believe that, Information Management is a key area that we regard as critical to “unlocking business potential”, when your staff have access to the right information, in the right format, at the right time then their decision making can be more efficient, effective and accurate. By combining the right technologies with best practices, we can help your company achieve greater productivity through which you can enjoy benefits such as;

At TRAIBCERT, we help our clients to review their organization's existing risk management operations and/or develop new remedial plans and strategies. We provide advisory solutions and training across a wide range of industries and sectors to help ensure executive officers and stakeholders understand risk and defend against possible intrusions.

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