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A building that functions efficiently and effectively is a positive environment for occupants and a hard-working asset for owners. Every organization seeks to keep their facilities being consistent and in finest operating settings in order to optimize the maintenance of their assets. Therefore a maintenance agenda which covers all aspects of a building or facility’s operation and maintenance throughout its lifecycle is of ultimate necessity. Facility Management is all about people, technology & processes fully integrated whose main objective is to render proper maintenance and of an organisation’s assets in order to build best in class processes and systems to better optimize their service delivery.An effective facilities management system and services consistently increase the productivity of your real estate portfolio by reducing costs, minimizing risk and increasing end-user satisfaction.


TRAIBCERT, an independent accredited third party inspection and certification body, aims to provide practical and workable training solutions to our clients to the fullest along with Gap analysis. Our facilities managements specialists help ensure that diverse projects function as intended inline with clientschallenges and goals which are tailored for a wide range of clients. At the heart, we are relationship builders and value solid, long-standing partnerships, and appreciate the opportunity to expand our client base and develop new associations.

Our services mainly focus on critical facilities and corporate headquarters, to industrial, manufacturing and R&D sites dedicated to provide the safest, most efficient and cost-effective work environments.Our Service platform starts with evaluation of the quotes from service provider for quality specification, Installation of equipment’s stage wise progress inspection has per Quality assurance plan, Pre start up inspections, training and guidance solution for full range of Facilities Management services which represent a fresh approach within the facilities management market place, based on smart innovative building management solutions that drive cost effective, sustainable results for our clients’ facilities and workplace services.

We at TRAIBCERT recognise an effective building management strategy is essential to the enduring success of our client organisations and so we integrate solutions that work, on time and within budget through:

Our approach is visibly different, enhancing business processes and productivity to create better workplace efficiencies, higher cost savings and robust maintenance strategies.Our company's mission is simple; manage and preserve clients by ensuring availability, safety and reliability of assets and sustainability of their business operations by implementing effective asset maintenance and inspection system. We understand that it is highly essential for the safety, reliability and sustainability of our client’s facilities and we accomplish them through controlled growth, hard work and dedication.

Our flexible partnership approach to building maintenance services is tailored to meet the changing needs of our clients, ranging from ensuring statutory building compliance to delivering cutting edge multi-level facilities and property management solutions.

To discuss how our facilities management and inspection services can help you ensure the availability, safety and reliability of your assets, and to get a quote please write to us at info@traibcert.in and attach the scanned copy to the mail and send or contact us at Phone no:+91-9952078401, +91-9176287301Landline- +91-44-24357033. We will be happy to assist you further.

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