Agriculture and Farming

The agriculture sector occupies centre-stage in our resolve to promote inclusive growth, enhance rural incomes and sustain food security. As agricultural goods progress from field to fork they require attention, tracking and integrity through an end-to-end supply chain range of inspection and services that reduce risk, ensure quality and improve productivity. The main objective here is to focus food safety and quality related to contamination and adulteration to protect consumer health and economic concerns. Therefore, it is highly essential that all role players develop a proper understanding of food safety requirements applicable to the export value chain and ensure that quality is maintained at every stage of the process and is safe to consume by the consumer.

The Need For Agri Inspection

Agricultural inspection is a process which involves the process of examining all major agricultural production and shipping to verify the quality, packing and quantity of food and feed products throughout the supply chain, from farm to fork ensuring compliance with the regulations pertaining to the region. The goal of entertaining agricultural inspection is to ensure the quality and integrity of the products throughout the food supply chain starting from seed growth, crop organization to reaping and moving them into the supply chain. The intention here is to spur the growth in this sector, by following a four-pronged strategy covering

  • Agricultural production
  • Reduction in wastage of produce
  • Credit support to farmers
  • A thrust to the food processing sector

However, the major reasons for doing so is that, nowadays food sampling and analysis of the products to check for its safety and quality, inspection of the premises to verify hygienic conditions, checking the measuring systems, and carrying out any other tests and inspections in accordance with all applicable sanitary regulations has been mandated by many Governments, procurement & trade organisations, institutions, international relief agencies and donors all over the world.The objective of agricultural and food inspection involves:

  • Aggregate Organic Analysis for parameters such BOD, COD, Dissolved Oxygen, Oil & Grease.
  • Inorganic Non-metallic Constituents Analysis such as Chloride, Fluoride, Nitrates such as NO2 & NO3, pH, Phosphate, Residual Chlorine, Silica as SiO2, Sulphate as SO4 and Sulphide.
  • Metal Analysis for elements such as Boron, Calcium, Carbonates such as HCO3, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium.
  • Customs clearance
  • Analysis of Physical and Aggregate properties such as Acidity, Alkalinity, Bicarbonates as HCO3, Colour, Conductivity, M-Alkalinity as CaCO3, Odour, P - Alkalinity as CaCO3, Suspended Solids, Total Dissolved Solids, Total Hardness and Turbidity.
  • Crop and stock monitoring
  • Shipping insurance
  • Vessel loading/discharge
  • Certification

By any means, an agricultural inspection is carried out to assess the quality of the food products by an independent accredited third party inspecting body. The inspection services undertaken by TRAIBCERT have got a wide demand for inspecting agricultural products at loading and unloading stage with our highly skilled and experienced professionals in this respective domain so as to carry out all the tasks efficiently and effectively. The business benefits that an organization would enjoy are:

How Traibcert Can Help

At TRAIBCERT, an independent accredited third party inspecting and certifying body, provide supervision, inspection, testing, control, management and Auditing services to agriculture and related fields for the customers across the various stages of the supply chain based on their needs and wants through a team of highly specialized, experienced individuals. TRAIBCERT, with its pool of highly experienced and expert food inspectors and auditors, offer support towards loss prevention services during handling and transport, processing plant audit and assessment, stock verification for periodic inventory check, preparation of techno commercial reports for exporters and devising process/ quality control plans and their execution at production /processing preparation stages for quality improvement.

Our wide range of services in the agricultural and farming sector includes:

  • Initial Product Check (IPC)
  • Visual Inspection of produce for parameters like freshness,discolouration of product, green colouration, infestation, etc.
  • During Production Check (DUPRO)
  • Verification of Assembly.
  • Identification/Checking of markings during process.
  • Evaluation and verification of packaging and labelling process.
  • Random Weight Checks of frozen products.
  • Final Random Inspection (FRI)
  • Visual detailed final check of randomly selected produce against required quality and quantity parameters.
  • Loading Supervision
  • Inspection of empty containers for cleanliness.
  • Checking of Temperature for refrigerated and frozen products.
  • Checking of visual quality and quantity of produce.
  • Stuffing Supervision – packaging and labelling.
  • Sealing of Containers.
  • Provision of Photographic Evidence across various stages as required.

Through this service, our goal is ascertain any contamination and ultimately demonstrating compliance with the various regulatory authority requirements, offering our clients supreme efficiency with procurement, production & distribution resulting in reduced risks across the supply and delivery chain, improved quality of produce and process, customer satisfaction and retained customer loyalty.

We understand that, companies operating in the field of agriculture, food and fodder have to meet several strict standards and legislative requirements to ensure safety of food and fodder. TRAIBCERT’s unique set of facilities provide our clients with a professional inspection service focusing on agricultural commodity inspections, sampling and analysis. Ag World provides unbiased, third-party inspection for a variety of agricultural products and assists producers and processors in managing their products. The main advantages that our clients will enjoy partnering with us for their agricultural inspection services are:

  • Provides end-to-end control of quality and quantity
  • Inspection services complement our strong laboratory tests
  • Sampling methods compliant with end-market requirement
  • Trained Inspectors with very high integrity
  • TRAIBCERT’s Inspection services form a combination you and your buyer can trust

TRAIBCERT through its services strives to achieve sustainable agricultural growth and reduce poverty in regions increasingly challenged by stagnant crop production, climate change, lack of agronomy expertise, and volatile commodity prices. In order to achieve this feat, we bring together the first-hand practical knowledge to public and private sector entities, donor agencies, organizations and individuals in the agricultural and rural sectors.

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