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In today's fast shrinking world the ability of any organization to be able to react swiftly and effectively over the execution of quality control activities for purchased products is very much a critical need. Its indeed a costly affair to discover, only upon the good’s arrival that, they do not conform to contract quality or make or have not been delivered in the quantity or packing as ordered.Today, more than ever, with the arrival of globalization and increasingly more aggressive competition, it has become vital for all market players to assure and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their company processes. In this context, inspections and audits are recognized as being capable of ensuring that the results of each organizational or production processes satisfy design requirements as agreed with. One of the biggest challenges for retailers and wholesalers is reducing the number of returns.A comprehensive inspection strategy is one which will eliminate the risk of faulty product reaching your doorstep and provide you with the confidence and data necessary to reject your shipment and negotiate an appropriate corrective action plan with your supplier should issues be identified.

The Need For Inspection

In any industry, Quality Inspection is highly important simply because, poor quality will increase the global cost of your order which you mainly don’t expect it neither in advance nor to happen. Through effective quality control measures and checks on whether the product performs according to spec, the number of returns – and thus the costs of substandard quality – can be kept to a minimum.At TRAIB CERT we offer a pre-shipment inspection service for a great variety of technical and consumer goods, either carried out at seller’s plant or place of shipment prior to loading and inclusive of monitoring the application of quality control standards and manufacturer`s end of production line product tests.

Third party inspection services are an essential part of any onshore or offshore project where quality assurance services are designed to independently check and verify the quality of productsor monitor the quality of product being shipped to client portfolios or fleets on an ongoing basis. The main aim of such an inspection is to ensure that goods shipped meet the contractual specification and that the goods are in accordance with relevant documents. Some of the basic factors that are accomplished through an effective inspection program are to:

  • Ensure product is built to specification
  • Verify and assure quality before shipment
  • Quickly identify and remedy defective processes or product
  • Reject or correct product that does not meet defined quality standards
  • Provide a means for in-factory batch acceptance
  • Provide documented validation of quality to future project owners or financiers

Since the safety, reliability and integrity are the aim of any end user/owner, most clients require that procurement, engineering and construction activities are verified, validated and at times certified by an independent body. That’s where a Third Party Inspection & Certification body, like TRAIBCERT comes into picture to support clients to alleviate the supply chain pressures that are felt due to the increase in pace of today’s retail supply chain, whilst also keeping up to date with the latest in industry best practice.

The activity involves Project Design Verification, Procurement Inspections, Product Inspections, General Construction Inspections, and supporting Testing Services as well as QA/QC services.

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