Inspection Benefits

Some of the potential benefits that a third party inspection service renders are:

  • Protection against dangerous, sub-standard or counterfeit products
  • Provide a guarantee that the goods ordered are those shipped.
  • Check the quality of your product and the reliability of your supplier
  • Ease trade operations by recognising existing conformity proof to avoid unnecessary additional testing
  • Conform with recommendations of the World Trade Organisation “Technical Barriers to Trade” Agreement
  • Enhance the quality of exports
  • Eliminate shipments of non-compliant merchandise
  • Ensure product safety and function prior to shipment
  • Eliminate late shipments and extra cost
  • Detect mistake and misunderstanding from your factory earlier.
  • Check if the factory is respectful to your previous recommendation
  • Make sure your goods are conformed to your specifications and expectations
  • To save money by outsourcing the quality control of your product by an expert inspector directly on the field and before it is too late.

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