Signature Validation

In todays’s emerging electronic business infrastructures, validation of the electronic signature, seals and time stamping becomes a vital component where the goal to provide users with the time management and - possibly signedelectronic content protection.For this very purpose, eIDAS has created a legal framework for electronic signatures, electronic seals, electronic time stamps, electronic documents, electronic registered delivery services and certificate services and to officially recognize the electronic identification of natural and legal persons and for website authentication.

TRAIBCERT, a qualified trust service provider, plays the role of a trusted third party which gives information about the Certificate and Digital Signature status verifying whether the electronic certificates is valid, revocate, uncertain or expired. Our Signing & Validation Service enables compliance with relevant laws including electronic signing as well as electronic invoicing and electronic archiving.Our capability of the Signing & Validation Service is effective and efficient in determining whether the digital signatures and digital certificates were valid at the selected time with a qualified time-stamp that provides a tamperproof confirmation that certain data existed at a point in time.

The main aspects towards the verification and validation of the electronic signature and seals are for:

There are many standard specifications and profiles for long-term signatures in practice where, TRAIBCERT offers support on all popular signature formats within the server, desktop and applet products, whether it’s PAdES (PDF long-term signature type), XAdES (XML long-term signature) or CAdES (CMS based long-term signature).


We TRAIBCERT are an independent "trusted third party" offering services that cryptographically seals electronic data and documents by applying a tamperproof digital signature and accurate time from an auditable source.When it comes to certification of a trust service, TRAIBCERT’s sector specific experts follow a systematic and a strategic approach towards certifying E-signs and seals in accordance to the regulations pertaining to the trust services. One of the major benefits that our clients enjoy by partnering with us is that we provide constant updates in regards to closure of every stage during the certification audit.

The prime factors of our trust service certification in accordance to eIDAS-Regulations are to ensure that

  • Ensure that that your signing process is built on effective digital signature technology
  • Link the digital signature to data in such a manner as to preclude the possibility of changing the data or the meaning thereof undetectably after the signature is given
  • Determine the integrity of the document and underlying signatures
  • Verify the validity of an identity document on the basis of which a person is identified and the right of representation of a representative of the person
  • Assure legal binding of your signed document-based transactions
  • Compliance of a digital signature given according to
  • Guaranteeingcompliance of a digital signature with the regulations and the principles provided
  • Enable vendors to be certain of the identity of the person they are dealing with
  • Ensure confirmance onthe holder of digital seal certificate to certify the integrity of a digital document and to link the certificate holder to such document
  • Issue certificates necessary for giving digital signatures and digital seals,
  • Enabling of verification of digital signatures and digital seals given on the basis of such certificates,
  • Ensure procedures for suspension, termination of suspension and revocation of such certificates are certification services.

Traibcert'strust servicecertification and validation helps organisations/enterprises who are looking for technologies that enable signage as part of a workflow functionality, allowing a business user to sign, deliver, and provide documented proof of a transaction as it occurs including a trusted timestamp.


TRAIBCERT’s qualified e-signatures & e-seals validation and certification services enable you to automate and manage digital business processes through its capabilities—all while staying compliant with local eSignature standards. We offer eIDAS standard-based digital certificates to your signers real-time at the time of signing, improving signer experience while reducing the IT complexity and cost associated with in-house digital certificate management. A brief outline of our trust service validation and certification processes includes:

  • Periodic discussion
    • A simple gap analysis that enables a clear understanding of the process structure and the areas that needs to be improved to be in compliance with the standard
    • A definite appreciation of the regulation in place and requirements that needs to implemented into the organization in accordance to it
    • A simple knowledge transfer at the organization level to ensure everyone understands the requirements of the regulating standard and the benefits of getting certified
  • Project Support
    • Identify the scope in technical means used to provide certification services for proving the private key corresponding to the public key of the applicant for the certificate
    • Detailed description of mechanisms of limitations on the scope of use of certificates
    • Information over generation and storage of keys and depiction of means prescribed for the storage of the personal key of the certification service provider
  • Pre-Audit
    • During this phase, TRAIBCERT’s expert sector specific auditors conduct a detailed review at the organisational and technical means ensuring compliance with the Act and identify requirements that are to be established on the basis which are used for certification
    • Post a thorough gap analysis, we TRAIBCERT would implement an action plan that imitates our activities thereof upon provision of services
    • Perform an on-site assessment on the system implementation procedure and determine necessary improvements of any outstanding issues to fulfill standard’s requirements
  • Certification Audit:
    • Detailed assessment of the organisation’s systems and security measures in accordance to the standard’s requirement with long-term verifiability in mind
    • Issue of an audit report by TRAIBCERT, an eIDAS conformity assessment report, associated with the transaction in the system that effectively supports most common compliance and legal cases.
  • Issue Certificate
    • Upon recommendation from the industry leading experts and auditors from TRAIBCERT, a certificate will be issued to clients
    • The certificate is a document which is issued in order to enable a digital signature or digital seal to be given and verified and in which a public key is uniquely linked to the certificate holder.
  • Post Certification Audit & Maintenance
    • It is to ensure compliance with the requirements established by the standard and be capable of ensuring reliable certification services in accordance with laws and legislation issued on the basis of laws.
    • maintaining records of the issued certificates and release of information concerning the validity of certificates
    • conduct periodic information systems audit by the date of entry in the register of certification and provide the results of the audit

Key Features Of Traibcert’s Trust Service Validation

TRAIBCERT, a qualified trust service provider, render its services towards creation, verification and validation of electronic signatures, electronic seals or electronic time stamps, electronic delivery services certified and certificates for these services with multi-factor authentication capabilities ensuring that organisations can achieve rapid implementation.At TRAIBCERT, we always provide an opportunity to enhance our relationship with our clients by providing them with greater flexibility as well as providing our consultant with an error-proof process to remove non-value-added time from their daily activities. Some of the key features of our services include:

  • automate and streamline all of your business-critical agreement workflows
  • save time and money while staying secure and compliant with local and industry eSignature standards
  • Ensure an open and immediate interoperable capability with qualified certificates issued by TRAIBCERT
  • preserve the legal conditions of documents and files archived with assurances of authenticity and integrity over time
  • remove barriers and grant validity to electronic identification and signature systems so that both natural and legal persons can use their e-identification in any country
  • 24/7 global availability, highest level of user-based PKI digital signature security that seals and protects the online signed documents

The Traibcert Advantage

Some of the major benefits that our clients would enjoy by partnering with us for their trust service needs are:

  • Security – configured, deployed, and managed to meet security controls and privacy requirements
  • Compliance – with laws, regulations, and relevant organisational policies
  • Flexibility – on-demand scalability, product variation, payment based on usage
  • Availability – highly reachable from anywhere, anytime
  • Simple to use solution – easy logic workflow, minimal management effort

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