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Many businesses today are deciding to digitize their information and are turning towards online data archiving services to manage their ever-increasing data storage requirements.Whether they are government offices, healthcare groups, legal courts, manufacturing businesses, insurance companies, or providers of higher education and etc, they produce and receive vast amounts of information in both electronic and paper form. While emails, instant messages, data files, document files and scanned images are all vital to business, storing and managing them—and their growth—is not an easy task.Though storing paper documents is turning out to be an old-fashioned method, in most regions, it is a legal requirement that invoices are kept for up to 12 years where the potential dangers associated with record management are immense. With emerging amounts of documents, it is very much easy to misplace or damage physical documents within an office environment. Therefore a process that proves most effective for businesses who need to store documents and quickly access information from them and who want to reduce the time it takes for staff to manually search and retrieve files and documents is required.

The Need For Electronic Archiving

Information, no matter how it is initially produced or collected, is an increasingly valuable asset for organisations and documents as such needs to be either destroyed or archivedwhen it reaches the end of its life. With the growth of electronic transactions, online VAT and tax returns, and additional legal obligations for data retention relating to e-mail records for example, such archiving services are becoming a necessity.While the requirements to digitize and archive informationsbecome more complex, a successful archives program helps an organisation to keep historical material and inactive records well organized, preserved, and described for easy access and use. A professional document management services include basic image scanning and archiving, searchable OCR documents, bar-code document scanning with auto indexing, image correction, restoration, clean-up, etc a business approach being the most simple and pragmatic way to accomplish certain business objectives in regards to archiving.

While the idea of a cross-functional approach to archiving would seem to be the most beneficial in the long run, digital archiving of all your documents enable the organization to:

A Technical Specification focuses on the security aspects of providing electronic data archiving services, and applies the provisions of ISO/IEC 27001 to this important industry for nearly any paper document that needs to be scanned and archived, including blueprints, billing statements, receipts, employee or client files, Human Resource records, etc.

Traibcert’s Archiving Services

When it comes to archiving of important digital informations, we at TRAIBCERT consider that there is no,just a simple solution, especially when organisations have specific requirements where they need to follow certain standards of compliance and legal rulings. We offer a wide range of services in the field of electronic archiving and backlog processing to bring the best of this ever-challenging sector into practical business solutions thus enabling organizations to reduce their stored paper archives and become more efficient. TRAIBCERT, a qualified trust service provider, offers digital archiving, email archiving and image archiving services that includes solutions for email management and inactive file storage that greatly improve your control and management abilities while allowing you to avoid tying up capital. With the aim of maximizing accessibility and quality, the electronic archiving Team at TRAIBCERT monitors and manages every bit of operations certified against the ISO 27001 information security standard.Our compliant digital archiving solutions provide fast, reliable online access to your most critical digital documents, allowing you to effectively collaborate with your business partners offering a role-based permission to ensure seamless security measures which is highly important.

A brief outline of TRAIBCERT’s digital archiving service portfolio includes,

  • Reception of the document flow and collection of the paper documents at the customer’s premises.
  • Manual/automatic standardisation of the documents received and indexing.
  • Creation of the submission information package and signing of the submission information report with digital signature (simple, advanced or qualified).
  • Transfer of the submission information package to the repository
  • Document preparation and image capture and enhancement
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) and file conversion
  • Post-scanning destruction.
  • Digitizing of paper records which includes scanning documents, regardless of their size and physical condition.
  • Providing software platforms for working with the digital archive, including hosting;
  • Acceptance and physical storage of paper documents in specialised facilities with guaranteed delivery of requested originals

As an organization, when you identify that automated conversion of documents is key towards achieving business goal, the digital archiving and management solutions from TRAIBCERT provides the answer. We offer automatic transforming streams of documents into business-ready data which can be used to create fully searchable digital archives.

Our Digital file management and archiving provides many benefits to our customers, including speed of access, greater document security and ability for multiple people to work on the same active file. Some of the key benefits of digital archiving your information through TRAIBCERT expert and tailor made solution includes:

  • Saving the archive and protecting original documents;
  • Fast and convenient access to any document from any office of the company, i.e. saving time using the electronic copy, instead of finding, working with and returning the original paper;
  • Significant decline in volumes of copied documents - employees work with electronic copies of the documents
  • Minimize risk – damaged, lost, out of date documents
  • Cost savings for equipping own archive rooms in expensive rental areas of office buildings
  • Electronic archive in compliance with legislation and safe storage of electronic data
  • Easy and instant access to information and increased Productivity.
  • Interfaces to other systems (corporate shared storage) that support electronic signature/mark and time stamps.
  • Ease of maintenance and upgrades enabling timely infrastructure management.
  • A guarantee of high customer service and service levels in general

The Traibcert Approach

At TRAIBCERT, we follow a holistic approach that allows our clients to make use of a high-end document management and archiving solutions at a significantly lower cost than that for an in-house solution. Our digital archiving process offers organization an ability of efficient identification of document contents and controlled accessibility.When adding an electronic document management and archiving system to your existing business set-up, will you be utilizing TRAIBCERT’s cross-functional approach through which all documents from each area of your business will be archived in the same specific place. Records management needs are very specific and each organisation has its own requirements. We offer highly personalised archiving solutionsthat suits your company’s archiving needs while ensuring confidentiality thatgives both electronic and physical access to your company’s records.

At TRAIBCERT we follow a simple yet a cost effective and an efficient process which are the prime movers of our services. A brief outline of how we work is:

  • 1. Assessment For an organization, the reasons to archive its documents are wide and varied which includes information sharing, regulatory compliance, space saving or just a need to find the information when it is needed. In this phase, experts from TRAIBCERTidentify and the options open to an organisation as a course of action are as varied as the reasons for it. Based on it, the nature of the document, the type of information you work with and what are particularly important to be archived are assessed by our team who possess years of experience handling sensitive, business-critical information for both large and small organisations, public and private sectors.
  • 2. Scanning of documents Our logistics team will then collect the documents from your location and take them to our state-of-the-art scanning and storage facility in a secured way.All of your documents are scanned and digitised at regular intervals in line with your business needs and processes and are processed in full compliance with the existing archiving standards and the information is stored electronically. This is essential in ensuring the authenticity and content of the scanned images can never be questioned.
  • 3. Indexing stage Through state-of-the-art archiving solutions enables enhanced data extraction services, for complex indexing requirements which commonly assist in removing in-house data entry. TRAIBCERT’s experts classifies document types and extracts data from a wide variety of documents, using a wide range of character and information capture techniques including IDR, OMR, OCR, ICR and barcode recognition for the purpose of seamless indexing and retrieval process. This enables powerful and quick searches whenever necessary.
  • 4. Access e-Archive interface We at TRAIBCERT offer a secure platform for viewing your electronically archiveddocuments which can be replicated to a back-up data center. Through this we offer our clients a robust solution for accessing their images securelyensuring that your sensitive information is not accessed by unauthorized staff.
  • 5. Manage e-Archive Request collection and scanning or upload scans yourself. As you would expect from the market leader, TRAIBCERT provides you with a full range of solutions as well as full support.
  • 6. Store or destroy originals Upon archiving the information, TRAIBCERT will store original paper documentsfor a stipulated time period. However, if required, your scanned files can be securely shredded and destroyed, or re-assembled and returned to you.For your safety and legal compliance issues, we offer document destruction with a Certificate of Destruction showing the date that the process was completed.
  • The main advantage through our technical experience and close relationship to relevant suppliers is that, your company will benefit from all of your operator’s certifications, in addition to having a trusted third party digital provider like TRAIBCERT. We successfully integrate and/or improve your company’s e-archiving achieving business goals in the interest of making a relatively easy move towards a highly functional and compliant digital overhaul of your companythroughour solutions that can really help provide all of the functionalities that you need.

Why Traibcert

TRAIBCERT, with its pool of expert auditors and archivists, possessimmense capability to assess, create, manage, digitize or optimize archival programs around the world seamlessly in a highly cost effective and efficient manner. We deeply consider that:

By using our document archiving services you can incorporate full electronic document management as well as online document storage no matter what your business requires.At TRAIBCERT, we can provide you with the best possible cost effective document management solutions specifically tailor made for your needs.

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